This Story Behind Rock Climbing Will Haunt You Forever!

Updated: Feb 7

The best option to attain fitness is to get into a sport you love rather than performing workouts in a gym that you cannot tolerate. The mindset of the people nowadays is that to get fit, you have to get membership to a gym, walk the treadmill, ride the stationary cycle, pick up the weights that you cannot lift and work on all the modern mechanical tools available in the gym day in and day out. If you get the desired results after a few weeks or months, is another matter altogether. Moreover, there is a risk of over working your body leading to unwanted injuries to your muscles and other delicacies in your body.

This is where climbing comes in. Climbing requires the use of each and every muscle in your body. You use your fingers to grasp on to the rocks. You use your back muscles and biceps to pull yourself up and down the boulders. You use your legs, feet, and your toes to help put yourself firm on the rocks to maneuver safely. This is a workout in itself with every inch of your body in action. You put into work your toes, feet, calves, quads, abs, back muscles, biceps, forearms, thigh muscles, and whichever muscles you can think of. This activity provides your whole body muscles and other essential parts of your body the much needed rejuvenation as good as or as I believe even more than the workout in a gym. Compare yourself working out hard in a crowded gym with all that metal pieces or find yourself in a beautiful and serene surrounding with all that high mountains and greenery surrounding you to look at and the adrenaline rush when you start climbing them. Which one would you prefer? Would you go with the huge monthly expenses spent in a gym or try out something like climbing which comes free of cost (other than a one-time small cost of equipments which are not so pricy) for the purpose of remaining fit?

Climbing is an adventure, a sport, a passion, and what only a few would know, an out of the box fitness regime. It not only engages your body, but also engrosses your mind and soul. It has the ability to change your mind, the way you think and see the world. Most of the climbers are found to be soft speaking people and this quality in many ways related to their experience of climbing. When you start climbing at the foot of the hill or mountain and until you reach the top, the mind of a climber is just focused on the path he is supposed to take. Each and every step that is taken is absolutely important for a climber to achieve his destination, that is to reach the top. A single mistake or a bad step or grasp could be fatal while in the middle of a climb. Therefore, concentration and agility, and presence of mind plays an important part in climbing. This process helps the mind of a climber to train his mind to confront any challenges ahead in life and it is a matter of fact. When you reach the top after the hard grid, it gives you a feel of satisfaction that nothing other can. You have concurred the height and although exhausted, you will feel rejuvenated looking around and view the serene beauty of nature that surrounds you. It is that feeling and the state of mind that distinguishes between a workout in a gym and climbing up a hill or mountain and enjoying nature while your body and mind is getting a thorough workout so refreshing that you will want to come back again and again.


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